Cosmetic Surgeons and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen can: Assist solve unexpected complications persist. Dramatically reduce post-surgical swelling, swelling, and swelling. Accelerate recovery and recovery period from elective surgery.

Significant consequences of post-surgical hyperbaric oxygen to your patients are the stimulation of leukocyte parasitic killing, the augmentation of fibroblast replication, also enhanced collagen formation and neovascularization of ischemic tissue.

Hyperbaric oxygen is a secure means to change the inflammatory process to assist wound healing. It cuts down swelling and pain, inflammation in cells, also it has an antibacterial impact. Patients that had this treatment together with their cosmetic surgery appear to get a shorter recuperation period. And scars are demonstrated to cure better with hyperbaric oxygen treatment.

Cosmetic surgeons are advocating hyperbaric oxygen especially for individuals that have problems with healing. They might have been smokers, obese, they are immunity curbed, or their incisions might have been infected, etc..

The consequences goes away quicker, swelling decreases quicker, and also the patients really feel much better overall. HBOT is proven to be exceedingly successful for laser peels. Following a laser peel, lingering inflammation is an issue for many individuals. The room eliminates the crimson more quickly. For liposuction, the room helps the swelling reduction much faster, which leads to less postoperative distress.

Typically, just red blood cells are totally saturated with oxygen molecules and the body absorbs energy sending it into cells that are rough.

Based upon the treatment thickness, the individual will leave the room saturated with as much as twenty five times normal oxygen levels.

HBOT triggers many favorable physiological events:

This extreme competition for oxygen may lead to redness and swelling. HBOT provides this extra oxygen.

Additionally, it reduces swelling and inflammation.

Hypoxia in normally perfused tissue may suddenly occur post-surgically because of an inflammatory reaction and edema. HBOT corrects hypoxia and radically reduces swelling and inflammation.

Additionally, it increases the RNA/DNA ratio at the cells, indicating improved creation of rough endoplasmic reticulum of cells of the wounded region.

From Beverly Hills to New York City, an increasing number of cosmetic surgeons are incorporating Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for their protocol, regularly treating their patients prior to and after cosmetic surgery, occasionally supplying the hyperbaric chamber right inside their workplace.

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